ThetaHealing® is a healing method, created by Vianna Stibal, who healed her self several times and shares here knowledge with everyone who desires to get rid of beliefs and habits that affect their daily life.

Brain activity can be measured by brain waves. These are small electrical currents that can be measured by the number of vibrations or waves per second. Brain waves are expressed in Herz (Hz) and can be divided into five different categories, based on the number of Hz.

Depending on what you are doing at any given time, some brain waves are more active in certain parts of the brain than others.

Gamma waves: 38 to 80 Hz: in higher mental activity such as processing and absorbing new information and our way of learning and observing.

Beta-waves: 14 to 38 Hz: when you are active, alert and full of attention, also when there is stress, such as during an exam, driving a car, speaking in front of an audience. 

Alpha waves: 8 to 14 Hz: these brain waves are there during daydreaming and fantasizing, we are calm, but we do not sleep.  

Theta waves: 4 to 8 Hz: this is when you are in a deep state of relaxation, theta waves come just before waking up or falling asleep.

Delta waves: 0.5 to 4 Hz: these occur during deep sleep. 


According to Vianna Stibal we automatically switch to the Theta frequency when we connect to the universal energy around us. In ThetaHealing® the starting point is that negative patterns and beliefs cause physical, mental and emotional problems and by replacing those beliefs by others you start to see new possibilities and feel better in your life. 

Theta Healing® is a meditative process in which you use focused intentions and requests to the Creative Energy that moves trough everything  and ask for healing on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.  

Theta Healing® is not connected to any specific faith or religion. Simply by connecting to the creative energy that flows through everything, we automatically switch to the Theta frequency.


In a Theta Healing® session you can bring up any topic whether it concerns work, fears, finances, relationships, illnesses or anything else you would like to change.

You decide what you want to work on in the session.  We will then look for the underlying beliefs associated with the topic by questioning how that serves you. The questions bring up awareness you weren't aware of. With your consent and access to the Theta frequency we will observe how the limiting beliefs and blockages are removed and replaced by programs that provide a different awareness without those mentioned limitations.



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