General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for sessions and training by:


Maya Kanhai

Offemweg 20A



Terms & Conditions

Participation during sessions and training means that you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Access Consciousness®, Jikiden Reiki®, Live your ROAR® or Theta Healing sessions and training are not regular therapy or healing and do not replace regular medical treatment by a GP or other health care professional.



You can register for training by sending me your request and for which training you are applying via email by providing your name and email address on the Contact form.

Please indicate if there are any physical and/or psychological issues so we can take this into account during the training. If necessary, a meeting will be scheduled in advance to discuss the specifics in more detail.

For individual sessions you can also make an appointment by phone or whatsapp.


Course fee

The course fee is listed on the website and must be paid in advance.



The registration for a training or booking for a session is only final when the payment is made at the latest before the first day of training and before the session, unless otherwise agreed.  Payments for sessions can be made in cash or bank transfer, Payments for training can only be made by banktransfer.  I can send you a payment request beforehand after your registration via email..



If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to attend a session or training, you must report this at least 72 hours before the start. If you cancel within 24 hours before the start, 10% of the costs will be charged.

If the facilitator/coach/trainer is unexpectedly unable to provide a training or session, you will be informed as soon as possible.


Accidents and liability


The facilitator/coach/trainer is not liable for the (changes in) health and well-being of the client/class participant in general or during the training or session in particular.

The client/class participant will keep the facilitator/coach/trainer informed of major changes/developments in his/her health and well-being and in case of any doubt about taking the training, class or session and will report this in advance via email.

The coach/facilitator/trainer is not liable for injuries and/or physical injury. In case of illness, disease or when in doubt about a session or training. it is advised to first consult a GP or medical healt care professional for personal advise.


Terms and Conditions for the Access Bars® and Bodyprocesses; Jikiden Reiki®; Living your ROAR and ThetaHealing® sessions.


Article 1 : Definitions


Facilitator/coach/trainer:  *Maya Kanhai
Client:  *the opposing party of Maya Kanhai
Treatment/Session : *sessions based on Access Consciousness®, Jikiden Reiki®, Live your ROAR® and Theta Healing®.
Agreement: all agreements between facilitator/coach/trainer and client.


Article 2. Applicability

1.  On all agreements between the facilitator/coach/trainer on the one hand and the client on the other hand, to the explicit exclusion of other General Terms and Conditions, only these General Terms and Conditions apply.
2. Acceptance of an (price)-agreement or the conclusion and/or continuation of an agreement in any other way implies that the client has accepted the application of the General Terms and Conditions and waives the applicability of any      general terms and conditions of the client.
3. Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions will only apply if confirmed in writing by the facilitator/coach/trainer. In this case, the other provisions remain in full force and effect.


Article 3. Realization and modification of the agreement

1.  An agreement between the facilitator/coach/trainer and the client is established by a written acceptance of the (price) agreement by the client or a verbal confirmation thereof.
2. If an acceptance of a quotation is subject to reservations and/or changes on the part of the client, the agreement is only concluded after the facilitator/coach/trainer has agreed to these reservations and/or changes in writing.
3. Changes or additions to the agreement will only come into effect after both parties have confirmed these verbally and/or in writing.


Article 4. Duration of the agreement and dissolution

1.  Unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement, it is entered into for the duration of one session or training. After the end of a session, the agreement can be extended by mutual agreement between both parties.
2. Each of the parties is, without prejudice to the right to compensation of costs, damages and interest, entitled to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention, with immediate effect by registered letter if:
   The other party has not fulfilled one or more of its obligations and fails to fulfil its obligations within a period set for fulfilment by registered letter, unless the failure(s) is (are) of such nature or significance (minor significance) that it       does not reasonably justify dissolution.

    Before the other party's bankruptcy or suspension of payment is applied for or granted, or measures are taken that indicate termination or cessation of the company.


Article 5. Cancellation

1.  Cancellation of an appointment or training must take place at least 72 hours before the agreed time.
2. For cancellation of treatments the following cancellation conditions apply:
* In case of cancellation up to 72 hours before the start of a treatment, the client does not owe any costs.

* The facilitator/coach/trainer is reasonably entitled to change an already planned appointment with regard to the date and time. The facilitator/coach/trainer will,  to the best of her ability,  inform the client no later than 72 hours            before the agreed time.

* Client has at all times the right to cancel the appointment in case of a change by the facilitator/coach/trainer, without the client having to pay costs to the facilitator/coach/trainer.

Article 6. Confidentiality and right of inspection

1.  The facilitator/coach/trainer will treat all information concerning the client that she obtains in the execution of her services confidentially and will not disclose this information to third parties, except insofar as                                  facilitatorcoach/trainer is legally obliged to do so and/or has obtained written permission from the client.
2.  The facilitator/coach/trainer will impose an obligation of confidentiality, as described in paragraph 1, on its employees and any third parties engaged.

Article 7. Rates

The fees are based on the most recent price list and/or will be mentioned at the time of concluding the agreement.

Article 8. Payment and invoicing

Payment for a session or training must be made in cash (sessions only) or by bank before start of the training or before the session.  At the request of the client, a receipt may be provided.

Article 9. Liability

1.  In the execution of the sessions by the facilitator/coach/trainer there is an obligation of effort.
2. The facilitator/coach/trainer does not provide a medical guarantee in any way, nor is she in any way liable for medical complications, which occur during or after the execution of her session (s) at the client, which are not due to a            serious attributable shortcoming of the facilitator/coach/trainer. The facilitator/coach/trainer is in no way liable for consequential damages.
3. The coach/facilitator/practitioner/trainer is not liable to the extent that damages result from the fact that the client did not properly follow oral or written advice given by the coach/facilitator/practitioner/trainer.
4. The liability of the facilitator/coach/trainer for damages resulting from the services provided by her, is limited to a maximum of the cost of the session.
5. In all cases, any liability of the facilitator/coach/trainer is limited to the amount charged to the client.
6. The client is obliged to take all measures necessary to limit the damage for which the facilitator/coach/trainer is liable.


Article 10. Applicable law and disputes

Dutch law applies to the services provided by the facilitator/coach/trainer.
In disputes arising from or related to the services of the facilitator/coach/trainer that fall within the competence of the court, the court in The Hague has exclusive jurisdiction.


Noordwijk, 1 October 2020

Maya Kanhai, Offemweg 20A

2201 HD Noordwijk

The Netherlands



I am committed to confidentiality and confidential information will never be shared with others.  

This confidentiality obligation does not apply if:

* I am required to disclose it by law or by a binding decision of a court or governmental body;
* the information becomes generally known.