Hello and welcome! Pleased you found my website!

You probably started searching for a reason. Maybe you have some physical issues that just won't go away or you have had a burn-out or for other reasons. I am thankful that you are here and I hope that I can contribute in some way!

I recently mentioned to a rep from a power supplier that I also work with energy, but in a slightly different way. 'I'm like a consultant on energy’, I said. ‘I help people with their personal energy management. It has nothing to do with energy as in power to switch on the lights or start up your computer, but about your own energy. About picking up other peoples energies. About the way the energies of the past can affect your present life, about connecting with your body and how you can recharge your energy’.

That person had never heard of any of this, but did know people with a burn-out and lack of energy. I gave tips that could be applied right away and I learned that other possibilities are available when life is not working out for you or when you are struggling or stuck.

I was so grateful for this conversation. I want to share with people how they can take care of themselves, that they matter, that self-care matters. It takes a conscious choice to invest in yourself though. Would you like to explore what's possible?

I work with the tools of  Access Consciousness®Jikiden Reiki®, Living Your ROAR®  and  ThetaHealing®. 

Feel free  to contact me for more information or an introduction. 




**Due to general regulations, I  now offer Online AND Remote Sessions Only**