Hello and welcome! Happy you found my website!

Are you looking for techniques and tools that really work? Did you have an adrenal burn out? Or other physical issues? Do you acknowledge that old patterns, from the past continue to follow you like a shadow? And have you tried everything? Did you try all kinds of therapy and all of them were helpful, to a certain extent?  And does it still feel as if things didn't really change?

Maybe I could be a contribution so you can let yourself shine again? What would it be like to let the light through so the being you really are, the aware and confident you shows up again? 

What I would like to teach people is how to care for themselves. And that they matter. That self-care matters. Working with me generally goes deeper than one and you're done.... feeling the best version of yourself again, sometimes takes a little longer. 

I work with the tools of  Access Consciousness®Jikiden Reiki®, Living Your ROAR®  and  ThetaHealing®. 

Feel free  to contact me for more information or an introduction. 




**Due to general regulations, I  now offer Online AND Remote Sessions Only**