Hello and welcome!


Would you like to bring out the best in you, but no clue how?

Do you wish to nurture yourself more? Or would you like to enjoy life more? Be more relaxed and live your life without (physical) discomfort?

Where should one begin if one desires more balance in life?

I could assist you to clear the mind 'chatter' in your head. And help you unwind and relax if you are stressed and tensed.

The sessions I offer could also assist you in relieving and releasing pain.


My name is Maya Kanhai and I really enjoy working with people and empowering them to discover more within themselves. Read more about me.


I will be teaching Access Bars on March 24th 2023 for parents and kids. Kids can take the class for free until the age of 15. They only pay the cost of printing the youth bars class manual and certificate.


Language will be Dutch. Would you like to learn the Bars? I used to give these classes in English in the past. Call or send me an e-mail to schedule a date