What is 'LIVING YOUR ROAR'© ?  Living your ROAR' stands for 'Living Your RADICALLY & ORGASMICALLY ALIVE REALITY'.

The ROAR technique is created by Dr. Lisa Cooney, from her decades of experience, working with people who had lived through trauma, shock and abuse.

With this technique she assisted thousands of people over the past 25 years, getting out of their invisible cage. The cage, being all the patterns and mechanisms that controlled their lives and behavior in the background. Running a cage is following the steps to release you from those limiting patterns.  These patterns were once in childhood, a protection against abuse and trauma, but later in your life these patterns have become an enemy. 


In her book 'Radically Alive Beyond Abuse' Dr. Lisa  tells about her own life and the abuse she experienced and how she got beyond it. The ROAR technique is based on this book and I highly recommend it. Link below.

Abuse can take many forms, physically, mentally, financially or sexually to name a few. Most people zone out when they hear the word abuse, because they connect it with sexual abuse. However when someone had parents that were fighting all the time, or they were bullied in childhood or there were other circumstances that deprived them from a caring upbringing, that also can linger on the background and mess up their adult life.


Everything that happens in the present and that

* keeps spinning in your mind

* grabs you in the gut

* gives you a tummy ache

* takes over your body

* and makes you feel like crap.  

That's not just the present moment. That tells you that somewhere in the past, something about the present collided and awoke. The Roar Technique assists you to deal with that and integrate that part.



In a ROAR session we find the unconscious beliefs by going back to the past, without traumatizing again and without getting stuck in the story. We are going back to undo the decisions you made at that moment.

Through this technique, you'll  discover that it's you who holds the key to unlock yourself from repeating patterns. And when you realize that, you never attract such a situation again, and if you do, it's like water off a duck's back, you let go easily and effortlessly. Sometimes a Roae session literally gives you more space and other times it feels like a weight has lifted from your shoulders or as if you break out from a cage.


If this could be a contribution to you, then contact me for a Roar session of journey and step by step we will bring out and undo the underlying beliefs so you can choose to live your ROAR. 


Please contact me for more information or to book your online session. 

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