The NEUMI company has found a breakthrough way to process the antioxidant Glutathione so that it can be very easily absorbed by the body.

Neumi is sold via 'direct sales' or 'network marketing' and has been available in the Netherlands since August. Direct sales' means that you can buy the products via a distributor, or 'member' and he/she gets a commission for doing so.

So I have become a distributor for Neumi, which means that you can buy these products via me.


Neumi has 2 products: NutriSwish and NeumiSkin and the essential element is that they help replenish the level of glutathione in our body. Glutathione is the most important antioxidant in our body. It supports our immune system. It improves the functioning of many organs and parts of our body: the brain, the muscles and joints, the liver and the heart. As we get older, the natural ability to produce them decreases every 10 years, and supplementing them from outside the body is possible via IVs, but expensive. Intake as supplements was often ineffective. This has now changed with the application of nano technology by Neumi.


The Swish can be compared with a mouthwash that you swish, swish and swallow. The Skin is a spray that you can use on your face, hands, feet, in other words on your skin. The before and after pictures and other experiences with Neumi can be found in the facebook group:


Would you like to order right away? Go to:


There are three ways to order NEUMI products:

1) You can order individual bottles, just try them out, no obligations
whatsoever, just like you order in any  web shop, try the products like that. Those bottles are 65$. You are buying then as a retail customer.

2) You get a 15$ discount on the bottles when you choose to activate an
autoship that automatically sends an order of your choice every month or
every 3 months. This is known as preferred customer.
A bottle then costs 50$.
If you order a package of 6 bottles, you will receive a 7th bottle for FREE.
This is also to compensate the shipping costs for a larger package to Europe.
These are now 71$ for an order of 6 bottles. Beginning of 2023, we will
have a distribution center in Europe, possibly Austria. Then the shipping costs will be lower and orders will be delivered quicker.
The delivery time is currently around 10-14 days.

These are the shipping costs for the individual products (to the
1 bottle: $14 USD
2-3 bottles: $38 USD
4-7 bottles: $71 USD

3) The last option to order the products is to become a member. This is
when you choose to order products not only for yourself, but also to
share this with others and receive commissions and build up an income.

A bottle then costs 50$.
If you order a package of 6 bottles, you will receive a 7th bottle for FREE.


Should you desire more information, please contact me. I can also add you to a special telegram group where I share some information. You can then check it out if this is something for you.