My Reiki path

My Reiki path first started in Leiden where I got some Reiki by a colleague during the lunch break and then decided to take my first class in Western Reiki I in 1999. Then I had a wander in 2000 and took a course where one could become a Reiki Master in one weekend. The teacher recommended we read into Reiki, specifically Frank Arjava Petter's books. I am very grateful to him still today. That is how I learned that this author had now discovered that in Japan people were still practising the traditional Japanese way of Reiki, known as Jikiden Reiki.


I started searching if this was also taught in the Netherlands and joined my first Jikiden Reiki Shoden course (comparable to the Western Reiki I) in Hoensbroek with Werner Tillmans in 2008. Then in December that year, I took the Okuden course (similar to Reiki II in Western Reiki) with John Jacobs in Westervoort. I immediately began practicing on others and myself quite a bit and the world opened up to me. Exploring Byosen (what you can sense in your hands when giving reiki) was remarkable. And as every student who has to give many treatments in preparation for the Shihan training (one has to complete a number of hours and keep track of the results of your treatment) I became very aware of all the different levels of byosen.


In June 2009 I went to Düsseldorf and became JR Shihan Kaku (junior teacher) with Tadao Yamaguchi, and was permitted to teach courses in Shoden. Before I was allowed to continue on the teachers' road, I had to conduct a certain number of courses in Shoden and request reviews which I had to submit to the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto.

In June 2010 I then finally received my certification as JR Shihan (teacher) once again with Tadao Yamaguchi in Düsseldorf. In Jikiden Reiki the word Master is not used, for the simple reason that no English words are employed, but the Jikiden Reiki Shihan is similar to the Western Reiki Master.


In Jikiden Reiki you will be encouraged to repeat the training seminars more often. As a Shihan, you are also allowed to give Reiju (attunements) to all new students during those seminars. I was also allowed to do that in June 2011 when Tadao Yamaguchi came to Germany and the Netherlands and it was a revelation.

And I was privileged to be there when Frank Arjava Petter came to Bloemfontein for the first time in 2011 to give Jikiden Reiki seminars in South Africa. And again the following year for Shihan training.


In South Africa I proceeded with Reiki treatments initially in Johannesburg and later in Cape Town. There, our cat experienced how lovely it was to be in the reiki energy and did not miss out on the opportunity to do so. The first months in Cape Town I spent many hours on distance reiki to keep myself connected to the energy.  I started teaching my first Shoden & Okuden courses and holding Reiju and Reiki sharings there.


In 2016, we moved to Accra, Ghana. At the end of that year Tadao Yamaguchi came to teach in Drenthe where Jaap van der Pol organized the Jikiden Reiki event for him in Alteveer. I flew over especially and was delighted to be surrounded once again by the energy generated by a large group of Jikiden Reiki practitioners.

In Accra my colleagues at the Dutch Embassy also became interested in Jikiden and thus a group formed there too within a few months. 


Now I live in Noordwijk and also offering Jikiden Reiki treatments and I am wondering who will come to get the benefits.


If you are interested in my Reiki Lineage, it is like this:


Mikao Usui


Chujiro Hayashi


Chiyoko Yamaguchi


Tadao Yamaguchi


Maya Kanhai