My Access journey


I was at a holistic fair called the 'Celebrate Life Festival' in Cape Town in September 2013 and there was also a stand offering mini Access Bars sessions.  The stand was packed with people. This was the first time that I heard about the Bars and the flyer stated that this was something like a head massage but it also could completely change your life. Plus it was some sort of energy healing. So my attention was immediately drawn to it. After all, I had a background in energy work and I was very curious about these Bars.


At the end of January 2014 I took to my first Bars class. The following week Kass Thomas, a US Access facilitator was in Cape Town and despite my doubts I went. Then I started exchanging Bars weekly and from the very first time I felt that this was something special. I was really tired that first swap but afterwards I had so much energy that I walked to the beach and I remember sitting on the Blouberg beach, surprised how good I felt.


I began listening to Gary Douglas & Dain Heer's broadcast radio shows on Voice America, I jotted down the 'clearings' and started to use them. I also began to research other Access resources. Later that same year I took my first Foundation and Level 2/3 class as Choice of Possibilities was called then. I then became a Bars Facilitator and started giving Bars sessions and classes. Eventually within 2 years I had recovered my previous energy levels, simply by practicing daily energy healing.


Ever since, I have continued to learning and growing by applying the Access tools daily, each and every moment.  I also began attending the "advanced" classes to sort out my proverbial backpack. With each of my annual Foundation and COP classes with Gary and Dain, I learned new things all the time. Additionally, I was so lucky to have the opportunity of taking X-Men - ESB - SOP -Talk to the Entities - 9 Trannies - Abuse Classes and most recently Pragmatic Psychology and Right Recovery for You Classes. All of these were a great contribution to my own personal journey and really supported me in coping with very tough situations.

I love to facilitate people and witness the ways in which just asking a few questions and clearing things can open up so much space. And of course running their Bars is a treat each and every time....