'The purpose of Life is to have Fun' ~  Gary Douglas.

When I came across this quote in 2014, I knew these words were going to change my life.  This empowering message from the founder of Access Consciousness® came at the right time.

Adrenal burn-out, chronic pain and diagnosed with fibromyalgia didn't  really make me happy. Change came after quitting  my job after 28 years and moving to Cape Town, South Africa.

I learned the Access Bars® in January 2014, started working with the Access tools and Body Processes and got myself pain free by the end of that same year. I made new friends and learned other modalities like HeartMath® and Ageless Grace®.  I became an Access Bars Facilitator and started giving Bars sessions & classes. I also started giving Jikiden Reiki sessions and workshops. 

Eventually I got back to my 'normal' energy level, just by doing energy healing!

After our 5 years in South Africa, we moved to Ghana where I combined my Access Bars and Jikiden Reiki activities with a part-time job as assistant to the Immigrations Liaisons Officer at the Dutch Embassy in Accra.  In 2018 I used all the tools I'd learned to support the person I love most when he got a diagnosis no one ever wants to hear.

This year I decided to become an entrepreneur, make this website and started doing what makes me happy as a business.  I am so pleased with this new product called Healy that supports my health and wellbeing! I'm even happier that I became a ROAR® practitioner and that I can work with Dr. Lisa Cooney and her team. 

I so enjoy sharing what helped me on my journey and use what I have learned to help others shine again, help them find their joy in life back, just like I did.  You're worth it.