What is Healy?

Healy is a wearable 'wellness' device that uses high quality technology to analyze the frequencies in your body's bio-energy field to indicate which frequencies are required at that specific moment to balance the body. Bio energetics presume that negative encounters, experiences and stress are stored by the body as muscle tension. Healy has an holistic approach and can be applied to promote vitality and improve your sense of well-being. 

This is a class 2A medical device that can be used for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, migraine and for supportive treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. Healy programs are not intended to cure or treat any disease or illness, or to make any diagnosis.  It has got FDA approval and complies to strict European regulations.

All other applications, other than mentioned above,  are not recognized by mainstream medicine because their efficacy has not been scientifically proven as mandatory by medical science.


How does it work?

You download the pink Healy App on your smartphone to get access to the various programs that help to reduce pain or any of the other issues mentioned above, depending on what you desire to work on. There is also a blue Healy Advisor Analysis App which can make a scan of the body's present situation and what frequencies are required in order to change any disbalance in the body. With this app you can also apply programs remotely.

There are different Healy editions, you can start with the Healy Gold and every next edition has more programs added to it. And with the most extended version you can do the measuring and scan the body's bio energetic field.

The Healy Apps and the Healy itself communicate with each other via Bluetooth. You choose a program and your smartphone sends it to the Healy that you attach to your clothing and you make contact with your body through the wrist, ear, or adhesive electrodes. By means of those electrodes at low current, a minor. electric current is inserted in the body.  The current is administered by way of frequencies.

Frequency therapy has already been applied by Healy World in TimeWaver technology used by professional therapists around the world. When using the Healy you can get in touch with them to create programs tailored to your individual needs.  



Would you like to know more about Healy and how it worked for me, and the way I use it in daily life, then I would be happy to tell you about it. Perhaps you would like to get an analysis, or try the Healy for a few days? If so, then please contact me.  I can make a scan for you remotely or in person and you can try a program right away (remotely).


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