Access Bars Class in Noordwijk (This class will be in Dutch, please contact me to schedule a class if you prefer English)


What are the Access Bars®?

The Access Bars® is a technique where you softly touch the head which allows the receiver to release judgments, thoughts, feelings and even pain. They are called bars because they literally run from one side of the head to the other. By gently touching these spots during a Bars session we let go of all kinds of stuff.

There are bars for time, communication, creativity, healing, gratitude, control and money. People experience getting calmer, especially in the head; experiencing less stress and more relaxation in the body; and feeling lighter and happier. Limitations vanish you didn't even know you were affected by, until you experience how you feel when they are gone.

Compare it to clearing out the hard drive of your computer: you remove everything that is no longer useful and is slowing down your computer, literally freeing up more space. It kind of feels like a massage of the head, except it' s one that may change your life.


What to expect during the Bars training:

* You will learn where the Bars points are located on the head

* You will receive an extensive manual and an overview chart with pictures of the Bars positions

* We will watch an instructional video by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, the founders of Access Consciousness®

* You will give and receive 2 x Bars sessions

* You will learn the Access Clearing Statement. You may like to watch:

* You will receive a certificate upon completion and may call yourself a certified Access Bars® Practitioner, so you can start giving the Bars right away

  - Your investment is €300 if this is your first training and €150 if you are repeating

- Children up to 15 years old participate for free when accompanied by a paying adult

- 16 & 17 years pay € 150


Location: Offemweg 20A, Noordwijk


Dates/Time next classes:

Saturday 17 September 2022 from 9:30-17:30

Wednesday 19 October 2022 from 9:30-17:30


After the Bars Training:

I will of course remain your contact person for questions and/or advice.

You can participate in Bars swaps to gift and receive the Bars, with myself or other Bars Facilitators and you can also host these yourself.

You are qualified to offer Bars sessions, charged or not, it is up to you.


Practical information:

The price includes coffee, tea, water, sugary/salty snacks/fruit.

I will arrange for massage tables, pillows and blankets. You can of course also bring your own pillow or blanket.

You will receive the Bars twice, lying on a massage table so it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes.

Lunch will be 1-1,5 hours; there are plenty of restaurants in Noordwijk-binnen and Noordwijk aan zee.



Would you like to learn more about the Bars?


Links to more information or videos on the effects of the Bars:



Should you decide to join us, here are the links to register on the Access Consciousness® website:


Link for registration 17 September 2022


Link for registration 19 October 2022


If you have any questions, please email or whatsapp or call me.


Best regards,

Maya Kanhai

06 26 47 63 68