Access Bars®

Access Bars® is one of the core techniques of Access Consciousness®.  


What is Access Consciousness®?


Access Consciousness® is a set of techniques and tools that provide insights about the way you operate and provide the tools to release any limitations.  

Their tagline is: "Empowering people to know that they know". Empowering people in the notion that they 'know' what works for them, what they like and what not, how they want to live their lives.

As we grow up we don't always get to learn to trust and rely on ourselves.  We learn to use our minds and as grown-ups we often seek the answers for life questions outside of ourselves. 

In Access you get to learn to ask questions so you can discover what is true for you, what feels light for you and what makes you happy. By questioning you will also discover what feels heavy, what is uncomfortable or what just doesn't work for you. With the help of Access Consciousness® you can change the things you thought were impossible.  I truly enjoy working with people who wish to create more ease and joy in life.  

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Access Bars® sessions and training

Access Bars could be described as a gentle heads massage that helps you to clear your mind, relieve stress and to relax. Bars is the core course of Access Consciousness®. I offer Bars sessions and trainings.

Next Access Bars Training is on the first of December, 2022. Following one is on January 15th 2023.



Access Bars® are most like a soft massage of the head that allows you to clear your head, release stress and 'mindchatter'.

The Bars is a 'hands-on' process that involves touching softly and slightly 32 points on the head which helps the body to release all limiting thoughts, ideas, emotions, behaviors and beliefs it had once stored. You come to a state of relaxation and your body unwinds without having to do anything. 

You can compare the Bars to a computer's memory cleanup. Every now and then it is convenient to empty the hard disk, so remove old files and unnecessary programs that make your computer sluggish and use up space. To clear your thoughts and to experience more clarity, peace and calm, that is the effect of the Bars.  

Access Bars® can help with lack of energy and fatigue, insomnia and anxiousness, stress and tension, and more. Anyone can experience the Bars safely: kids, seniors, and pregnant women, no matter what age, gender, ethnicity, or religion.  Often the results are immediately visible and can be perceived for weeks after a session.

A Bars session takes 90 minutes and costs € 94,50. 

Book and pay 5 treatments or sessions in one go and you will receive a 10% discount on your overall payment!


For more information about the Access Bars® click here

More about the Access Clearing Statement with Dr. Dain Heer and Simone Milesas.

In this video people tell you what it's like to receive the Bars. 


Next Access Bars Training on Wednesday, October 19, 2022. If this date doesn't work for you and you'd really love to learn Bars with me, then contact me and we'll set a date together.


Access Bars® Practitioner Training

I teach the Bars as well.  The Access Bars® Practitioner Training is a full day or 2 part days and you invest € 300. You learn where to find the Bars points located on the head and you will practice in giving and receive the Bars. You will receive twice and you will be giving the Bars twice. You get a Bars manual and a Bars chart with the necessary pictures.  At the end you receive a Certificate of Attendance and you may call yourself an Access Bars Practitioner. You may immediately give Bars sessions to family members, friends, or any paying clients.  

I also teach children's Bars classes

For a video about the Access Bars®, click here.  

More about the Bars here.


Next Access Bars Training will be on Thursday first of December 2022. 

Language will be Dutch. Please contact me to schedule a class if you prefer English! 



Here are some videos about the effect of the Bars:

Review of Access Bars by Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin
The effect of Access Bars on Anxiety & Depression with Dr. Terrie Hope and Dr. Dain Heer

Click here for a video about the Access Bars® - depression and anxiety.

More on the Access Clearing Statement .


Other Access Tools I work with :













NB. What I have to offer never substitutes a regular medical treatment by a physician or any other medical professional, but may be a wonderful addition.