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Access Consciousness® aims to make people more aware and empowered so they start to trust their own knowing which most of the time they aren't aware of.

Their logo says: "Empowering people to know that they know" for exact this reason.

Most of us grow up and don't always learn to trust ourselves, our intuition, our gut feeling.  We learn to trust our mind. As (young) adults, we often look for the answers to life's questions outside of ourselves, unaware of all the knowledge we already have within us. By asking questions you can find out what's true for you, what feels light for you and what gives you space and makes you happy. By asking questions you also discover what feels heavy, what makes you feel constrictive and what doesn't work for you. With Access Consciousness® tolls you can change everything you thought was impossible.  I became an Access Bars Facilitator in 2014. Since then I've trained myself extensively, by using the Access tools and taking classes, including annual Foundation and COP classes, as well as more advanced classes like ESB, SOP, Talk to the Entities Beginning to Advanced, the 9 Trannies, the Abuse Classes. These were all such a contribution to my own personal growth and in letting go of the 'burden' from the past. I also found out that I really enjoy facilitating people with the tools that helped me.  Click here for more information about Acces Consciousness®.  And watch a recent video about Access Consciousness® here.


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Access Bars® is a gentle energy practice where I softly touch 32 points on the head with my fingertips which allows the body to release all the thoughts, ideas, considerations, attitudes, emotions and beliefs that were once stored. 

Your body lets go whatever it likes to let go of. All you have to do is lie down on the massage table, allow me do the work and receive.

Running your Bars as we call this, is like clearing out the hard drive of your computer: every now and then you have to remove the old files and programs that just occupy space and slow down your computer. 

For a lot of people a Bars session is the first time they really receive: the whole body relaxes completely without having to be or do anything.

The Bars cover different aspects in our lives, such as control, communication, creativity, aging, health, money and many more.

Access Bars® can help out with many issues and people have reported the following effects:

- Lack of energy and fatigue subsided

- Reduced stress and tension

- Drastic change of sleeping problems: deeper, longer sleep

- Reduced anxiety and depressed feelings

- Stopped the monkey mind 

- Relief of all kinds of pain

- Stress before exams decreased

- Calmed down anger and frustration

The Bars are safe for everyone regardless of sex, age, race or religion : children, the elderly, pregnant women. No matter what dis-ease people have: Alzheimer's, stroke or cancer, anyone can get their Bars run.

Some notice that their symptoms disappear or improve. Often the effect is visible immediately, but they also can notice a change up till 3 weeks later.  You may also want to choose a Clearing session before Bars if you are stuck or have issues that may require clearing or coaching. 

Click here for an explanation on the Access Bars®. Contact me for your Bars and/or Clearing session. 




Access Verbal Processing or Verbal Facilitation is an extremely powerful way to create space by asking questions, following the energy and clearing what comes up with the Access Clearing Statement.

We may come across issues or people in our lives that we find difficult to handle or to deal with.  Often we aren't aware that we're like wifi, picking up everything that is going on around us or even in the country we live in, and we think it's all ours. We may also be totally unaware of secret, hidden agenda's or unconscious beliefs from the past, running our lives on the background.   

In a Clearing & Coaching session I'm going to ask you questions so you become aware of the charge attached to the case or person you're dealing with. That charge is what we undo with the Access Clearing Statement. 

We are not looking for answers when we ask the questions. You don't have to know where it comes from or talk about your problem for hours. One single session can create change right away, making you feel better or experience more space. Sometimes, depending on the issue, more sessions will be required.   Often you'll notice the effect straight away.

Click here for an explanation of the 'Access Clearing Statement'. 

Access 1:1 Clearing & Coaching sessions are available online via Zoom. Contact me to book your online session.




The Access Energetic Facelift® works deeply on your skin and is a body process for your face that supports the whole body. All without using  a single needle, botox or filler.

During the Facelift we activate the energies of more than 20 Access Body Processes that all together can slow down and even reverse the aging process when done regularly.

After the Energetic Facelift your face looks refreshed, more relaxed and the look in your eyes is clearer. The Facelift softens and firms the skin of the face, but the effects can be noticed in the whole body.  

The Energetic Facelift can be a contribution for face and body. People have reported the following effects:
- crow's feet, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots on the face faded away after regular Facelift sessions.
- the connective tissue in the face and over the body became firm 
- concentration and sleeping disorders got better
- mobility restrictions improved
- chronic pain dissipated
- mood swings decreased
- helped after dental treatments.

Prior to the Energetic Facelift we can address your points of view and beliefs about getting older and aging in a Clearing session.

Click here to watch a video about the Access Energetic Facelift, and here to listen what Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer say about the Facelift.

Contact me for your Facelift and/or Clearing session. 




During an Access Consciousness Body Process I place my hands on the body and ask for certain energies to be activated so the body can change discomfort, dis-ease or pain. 

There are over 100 Access Body Processes and ones known the best are the Bars® and MTVSS. You will receive the Body Process over your clothes, on a massage table or sitting in a chair, whatever you prefer.

Access Body Processes can support you in many ways:

- if you desire to help your immune system

- for reversing of shock/trauma in the body 

- to improve your eyesight

- to regenerate the cells of your body

- with all kinds of physical issues

- for relief of arthritis, pain, insomnia. 

Click here for a video where dr. Dain Heer speaks about Access Consciousness Body Processes. Contact me to book your Access Body Process.




A Bars Class can be taken in a full day or  2 x 4 hours in a weekend or during the week. You will learn where the 32 Bars are located on the head and how to find them the easiest.

Practicing gifting and receiving the Bars is a major part of the class.

You will receive a Bars session twice and you will give a Bars session twice. Additionally you will get a Bars manual and a Bars chart with pictures to help you remember where the Bars are located. Together we'll watch the new Bars video with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer,  the founder and co-creator of Access Consciousness®.  You will receive a Bars Certificate when you've completed the class and have become an Access Bars Practitioner. You can start giving Bars sessions to family and friends, right away.  You can also start your own Bars business.

Click here for a video on the Access Bars®. For more information about the Access Bars®, click here to visit the Access Consciousness® website. Contact me if you'd like to take a Bars Class.




I am an Access Consciousness® Affiliate which means that I can advise you on books and telecalls that have worked for me.

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