About me



Hello, I am Maya Kanhai and I work in the field of energetic work. Our first language is that of energetics. We are energetic beings, whether we acknowledge it or not. In all that I offer, but also in my daily life, the guiding principle is to follow the energy.


It all started when I learned Reiki in 1999 and later on traditional Japanese Reiki, Jikiden Reiki in 2008. I started reading about Reiki and found out about the existence of Jikiden Reiki® on the internet and knew I wanted to continue with it. Read more about my Reiki path here


I was introduced to Access Consciousness® in 2012 when we had just moved to South Africa. Until 2022 I was actively working as a Bars Facilitator. Currently these activities are on hold.

After a 5-year stay in South Africa, we moved to Ghana in 2016 where I have combined energetic work with a part-time job at the Dutch Embassy in Accra. In 2018 we moved back to the Netherlands.


August 2021: I lost the love of my life and my world was turned upside down. We all go through things that knock us off balance, like illness, loss and grief. These things drain a lot of energy and at some point you have to recalibrate. Finding out step by step what each day brings, which also applied for me.


In October 2022 I started the yearly Family Constellations training at the Academy for Constellations of Hylke Bonnema in Amsterdam. And what a beautiful and very intense journey this has become. Personal Development at its best, as well as learning to facilitate others on their path.


On this website you will also find products I use myself and with which I am so happy that you can also purchase them via me:

A couple of years ago I discovered more about the effects of Frequencies, Bioresonance and the way the Bio Energetic field works. Since 2020 I have been using Healy devices daily for myself and others. If you want to know more, follow this link.

In 2022 I found out about NEUMI products, a super anti oxidant with deep benefits. If you want to know more, follow this link



Coming home to oneself is the greatest gift. I am exploring this every day myself. Should you wish some guidance on your journey, I would be happy to assist you.