About me



 Hello, I am Maya Kanhai and I love working with energies. Our very first language is energy. We are energetic beings, whether we acknowledge it or not. In everything I offer here, as well as in my daily life, following the energy is leading. 


This started when I learned Reiki in 1999 and later learned traditional Japanese Reiki in 2008. I began reading about Reiki and then discovered Jikiden Reiki on the internet and I knew I really wished to learn this. Read more about my Reiki path.


'The Purpose of Life is to have Fun' ~ Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®.  

When I first read this quote, it struck me and really stuck with me.  The empowerment of Access Consciousness®, was exactly in the right moment. After a burn-out and being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I had relocated to South Africa with my sweetheart around 2012 and learned all about Access Bars® while there. Find out more about my Access journey .

After a 5 year stay in South Africa we moved to Ghana in 2016 where I combined my Access Bars and Jikiden Reiki activities with a part-time job at the Netherlands Embassy in Accra.


In 2018 we relocated to the Netherlands and the following years I worked as an 'oracle' and more for several Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators. I quit doing all of this in September 2021. At that time I was working with Live Your ROAR LLC. Learned a lot, worked hard, had even been translating books, learned the ROAR® Method and became a Theta Healing® practitioner, however it was time to move on.


I was introduced to Healy devices and frequencies and the workings of the bio energetic field in 2020 and enjoy using these almost daily for myself and others. That is also one of the reasons why I became a distributor. Read more via the link.


I will shortly receive my NEUMI products which I also became a distributor of, before even trying them out. That's how excited I was just after reading and looking up the experiences others have had. I also have a telegram group where I share more information. Contact me if you wish to be added in that telegram group. As soon as the Netherlands opens for the NEUMI products I will create a webpage about it.


Over the years, I have happily and passionately used all that I have learned to support other people's businesses, and anyone who was looking for healing and change.


However, we all experience things in life that can knock us off balance, such as loss and grief, including me. One step at a time I am regaining balance and 'recalibrating' myself again.


Giving the Bars and Reiki and immediately noticing what it does for people is extremely satisfying. It got me back on track. It makes me happy to be able to contribute with everything I have learned so people will come home to themselves more and more.